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Self-Paced Training

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IRMA’s Self-Paced Trainings are developed for Members to easily administer onsite to employees by a knowledgeable employee or experienced operators. Each training is designed to be downloaded and modified to incorporate member-specific operations, policy and practices.

How to use IRMA's Self-Paced Training:

Aerial Lift

Brush Chipper

Critical Days of Summer


Ladder Safety

Mower Safety

Snow Plow

Behind the Wheel, How Long is Too Long (December 2019)
Snow Plow Safety & COVID-19 (September 2020)
Drug & Alcohol Testing for Non-CDL Drivers (June 2020)
A Snow-Fighting Mission:  It's Time to Study the Impacts if the Winter Season on Winter Maintenance Crews
Safe Driving Resources (September 2020)

Trailer Safety


Trench Refresher 

Utility Vehicle & Golf Cart Operation


Vehicle Backing


Police Safety Basics Series

The following training materials are designed to inform Police Officers how to remain safe as a first responder to downed power lines, confined space emergencies, trench rescue emergencies, and structure fires. These 10 minute training programs can be downloaded and easily used by your Department's Training Officer for roll call training.

This document is available to view in PDF format. All documents on this page are available to view in PDF format.

Confined Space
  Downed Power Lines
  Structure Fires
  Trench Hazards