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CDC Travel Updates
CDC-Natural Disasters, Severe Weather & COVID-19

CDC-Holiday Celebrations and COVID-19
Cook County Department of Public Health Travel Updates
Chicago Department of Public Health Travel Updates

DCEO Restore Illinois Phase 4 Guidance Documents
IDPH Homepage
IDPH Restore Illinois Guidelines (all phases)
IDPH Swimming Facility Guidelines
Executive Order 2020-55 (September 18)
OSHA COVID-19 FAQ (August 2020)

Recent Updates - Week of October 12, 2020

There are no updates for the week of October 12th  


COVID-19 September 17th Presentation

 PowerPoint-COVID-19:  A Risk Worth Controlling
This item is available to view as a video file. COVID-19:  A Risk Worth Controlling

Speaker:  Dennis Terpin-LinkedIn Profile

Recent Podcast Featuring Margo Ely

IPELRA Podcast:  COVID-19 and Workers' Compensation Claims
Guest Speaker:  Margo Ely, Executive Director, IRMA



First Responders
Testing Exposure Work Comp
Reopening Guidance
Sample Templates
Training Resources


FEMA-COVID-19 Eligible Emergency Protective Measures Fact Sheet(March-2020)

IEMA-Public Assistance Fact Sheet

IRMA-Bulletin COVID-19 Emergency Declaration FEMA Eligible Emergency Protective Measures

First Responders

CDC What Law Enforcement Personnel Need to Know About Coronavirus Disease (March-2020)

IDPH Guidance to Local Health Departments on Disclosure of COVID Cases to Law Enforcement

IRMA-Sample Cease and Desist Notice (March-2020)

IRMA-Update Potential Liability Considerations for Police Departments Enforcing the Governor’s Execu

Testing Exposure Work Comp

IDPH Instructions For Testing, Including Healthcare and First Responders (July-2020)

IRMA Safety First - Update on CDC Guidance for Critical Employees Suspected or Confirmed Expos

IRMA Update-Coronavirus and Workers Compensation (March-2020)

IRMA Update-Coronavirus Impacts to IRMA (March-2020)

IRMA Update New Rebuttable Presumption Law (March-2020)

IRMA Safety First-CDC Updates to COVID-19 Testing and Return From Isolation (September-2020) Guidance on Interpreting COVID-19 Test Results

Reopening Guidance

CDC CoronavirusDisease2019(COVID-19)RiskAssessmentan-PublicHealthManagemen DecisionMaking (Feb-2020)

CISA Memorandum on Identification of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers During COVID-19 Respo

DOL Required Federal Poster FFCRA Poster WH1422 Non-Federal (March-2020)

IDCEO Essential Business Checklist (March-2020)

IDPH Guidance on the Use of Masks by the General-Public

IDPH Mandatory Posting COVID-19 Workplace Health Safety Guidance

IDPH Swimming Facility Guidelines Final (June-2020)

IRMA Safety First - IRMA Safety First Guidance Regarding Face Coverings and Temperature Takin

IRMA Safety First - Steps to Minimize Risk of Transmission at Work (March-2020)

IRMA Safety First - How to Safely Perform Health Screenings (May-2020)

IRMA Safety First - Risk Management Considerations for Reopening Municipal Services (August 2020)

IRMA Safety First -Risk Management Considerations for Closing Streets and Outdoor Dining (July-2020)

IRMA Safety First - Updated IDCEO Recommended Employee Training (July-2020)

IRMA Safety First - Employee Travel Guidance (July-2020)

Snowplow Safety and COVID-19

Sample Templates

IRMA Sample-FEMA Letter-Public Funding Costs

Employee Statement of Incident-COVID-19 Version

IRMA-Sample Health Screening Participant Waiver

IRMA-Sample Rental Agreement COVID Waiver

IRMA-Template COVID-19 Policy

IRMA-Template Respiratory Protection Program-Fire

IRMA-Template Respiratory Protection Program-Police

IRMA-Template Respiratory Protection Program-Public-Works

Training Resources

IRMA Safety First - Alternate Respiratory Protection for Healthcare and First Responders

IRMA Safety First - Decontamination of Quantitative Fit Testing and Equipment

IRMA Safety First - Article Decontamination of Qualitative Fit Testing and Equipment

IRMA Safety First - IRMA Online Resources (July-2020)

IRMA Safety First - Work from Home Safety At Home-Ergonomics (March-2020)

IRMA Safety First -Training Pandemic Planning for First Responders-Hand-Out (March-2020)

IRMA Safety First - Reporting COVID-19 to ILOSHA and Avoiding Violations During Pandemic (July-2020)