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Grant and Awards Program

IRMA invests in grant programs targeted at reducing or preventing injuries. We encourage our members to participate in IRMA grant programs to assist in reducing injuries and losses thus offering wide-ranging benefits to the pool overall. These grants compliment the existing training and risk management programs.

These guidelines establish the basis for application review and remittance of the various grant programs.

  1. Members who have withdrawn from the pool or are in the IRMA withdrawal process forfeit any grant application in process and are no longer eligible to apply for, or receive any grants.
  2. In order to be an eligible recipient, members must have sufficient participation levels in IRMA meetings, trainings and other participation activities. Consistent attendance at Board of Director meetings is required. Any member who has been denied a grant due to poor participation levels may notify the Executive Director of the desire to appeal the staffs' denial to the Training & Risk Management Committee within 10 days of staff notification.
  3. The grant program is a privilege for members and not an entitlement. The continuation of any grant program is dependent on Board of Directors approval of the budget annually.
  4. Applications can be submitted at any time. Member departments can submit more than one application during a budget year, but the second application will be given lower priority. Priority will be given to any department that has not previously received the grant, which will be considered Tier I. All departments that have previously received grant funding will be considered Tier II applicants and will only receive additional grant funding if funds are available after Tier I grants are paid.
  5. All grants are reimbursement based. Members must submit the invoice(s), proof of payment(s), letter of completion (as applicable), and proof of departmental training (as applicable) for remittance.
  6. Remittance is on a first-come, first-serve basis until the budgeted amount is depleted.
  7. Specific guidelines pertaining to each program are indicated on the individual grant applications.

Described below is a summary of each grant program offered through IRMA.

Accreditation Programs Body Camera & Video Storage Grant Program Cyber Security Grant Program Facility Equipment & Safety Grant Program Fire Equipment Grant Program Fleet Safety Training & Equipment Grant Program Health and Wellness Grant Programs IRMA Training Subsidy Program Lexipol Policy Manual Development Program Lift Assist Equipment Program Noise Assessment Survey Program Pursuit Mitigation Grant Program RTF Ballistic Equipment & Training Grant Program Traffic Control & Work Zone Safety Equipment Program