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Training Offerings and Registration

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We encourage members to take advantage of these training opportunities to develop the risk and management skills of all employees. These programs are intended to compliment member in-house employee training.

Described below is a summary of each program series offered through IRMA.

Regional Training

Regional Training seminars are usually half-day sessions that pertain to specific risk reduction and intergovernmental pooling issues.

Coffee & Conversation Workshop Series

The Coffee & Conversation Workshop Series provides information and networking on topics relating to internal and emerging issues in the arena of risk management. This series of programs are usually 1 to 3 hours in length. (No charge)

IRMA Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute offers a series of well designed programs that concentrate on developing your supervisor’s leadership and management skills. These programs offer practical, immediately useable techniques.

Member Orientation Programs

IRMA hosts in-house orientation programs throughout the year to familiarize members with our services and staff. The orientation is approximately 3 hours in length. (No charge)

National and International Academy of Professional Drivers (NAPD & IAPD)

The NAPD and IAPD programs are designed to enhance the performance of an employee’s capabilities behind the wheel and to become more aware of their responsibilities from a safety standpoint. The driver training program offers an employee actual practice in many kinds of driving situations at average speeds of about 30 miles per hour. The driver training programs are offered to Fire, Parks and Recreation, Police and Public Works drivers.

Steering Committee Special Training

The Steering Committee Special Training programs are recommended and sponsored by the IRMA Fire, Parks & Recreation, Police, and Public Works Steering Committees. These programs are targeted to each one of these specific departmental personnel. The programs range from a half-day to a two day lecture and/or hands-on training session.

Continuing Education Credits

IRMA offers one contact hour of continuing education credit for each hour of training. Participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of each program. Credits for specified courses have been approved by the Department of Professional Regulation (CPE) and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Registration Guidelines


To establish guidelines for pricing, registration, confirmation, cancellation/ refunds, and no show registrants pertaining to IRMA’s training programs. Special considerations are listed which apply to the National and International Academy of Professional Driver Training (NAPD & IAPD) programs.



A. For IRMA Members, the Leadership Institute, Special Training, and any other special programs scheduled will have fees assigned.

B. Non-members will be assessed a training fee equal to the IRMA Member program fee plus 50% (1.5 x Member program fee). This does not apply for other governmental agencies IRMA has partnered with.

C. Coffee & Conversation Workshop Series, Member Orientation programs and the Resource Library are free to members.


A. A registration form must be completed to attend an IRMA training program.

B. Enroll online.   A confirmation will be sent immediately to the email address provided.

C. Registration is also handled by fax (708) 236-6350 or mail. IRMA will fax or e-mail a confirmation within 3 days of your registration. If a confirmation notice is not received, contact IRMA to verify registration.

D. IRMA Members will have registration priority over Non-members up to two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled program, after which Non-members may be invited to attend.

E. Registration for some programs may be closed weeks in advance, likewise, if there is insufficient registration, the program may be cancelled. Walk-in registration on the day of the program will be accepted based on availability.

F. Program flyers are to be emailed out 45 days prior to a scheduled program, with a second mailing being sent 3 weeks out if attendance is below expected numbers.

G. In cases where programs may have a set limit on the number of participants, refer to the chart below to determine allowances per member:

Class Size Registrants Allowed/Member
1-15 1
16-75 5
76-140 10
141-200 15
>200 unlimited
Class is not full unlimited

H. Substitutions from the same entity will be permitted without additional charge.

Incentive Pricing

A. IRMA provides volume discounts for multiple enrollments from the same entity in the same program.

B. Multiple Enrollment Discounts:

  • 10% discount for two participants
  • 15% discount for three or more participants

C. Incentive pricing is not offered for any NAPD & IAPD training program.

Cancellation, No Shows & Refunds

A. All cancellations must be submitted in writing to receive any type of refund.

B. Cancellations received one week prior to an IRMA Leadership Institute (ILI) or Special Training (ST) program date are entitled to a FULL REFUND.

C. Cancellations received with less than one weeks’ notice for any ILI or ST are subject to a $20.00 cancellation fee or one-half the registration fee, whichever is greater.

D. No shows will be charged the full registration fee.

E. If programs are free e.g., Coffee & Conversation Workshop Series, advance notification of non-attendance would be appreciated.

F. The National and International Academy of Professional Drivers (NAPD & IAPD) programs require the registering entity to provide notice of cancellation 2 weeks prior to the program or the entity will be billed for the full cost of the training session. This 2-week notice is also required if the registering entity requests a participant be moved to another program date or for substitutions from the same entity.


A. An evaluation form will be completed following every program. Members comments help improve programming and speakers.

B. A Certificate of Attendance is only granted for hours attended by the participant and provided at the end of the program.

C. IRMA reserves the right to amend the agenda, alter or cancel published dates and change venues.

D. In compliance with the Clean Air Act, presentations will be conducted in non-smoking meeting rooms. Smoking will be permitted during breaks in areas designated by the meeting facility.

E. To ensure an optimum learning environment for all program participants, cellular telephones and pagers must be turned off during the program.

F. The opinions expressed by speakers/panelists are not necessarily those of IRMA.