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Medical Management Network (MMN)

The proper care and treatment of work related injuries is a primary concern for all IRMA members. It is to this end that IRMA dedicates the Medical Management Network and Directory.
Through the ongoing process of medical care, diagnosis, treatment and injury evaluation, the member employee will be afforded the greatest opportunity to continue their productivity under managed medical procedures. By eliminating unnecessary lost work days and reducing work related injury losses while continuing to provide the highest quality of medical care and treatment available, the Medical Management Network will serve two primary goals:
  • Provide Quality Care for member employees
  • Reduce Work Comp Loss Costs for the members

Only through dedication to the control of health care services and costs can IRMA members work to reduce workers' compensation losses. The entire concept of the Medical Management Network is to provide IRMA members with a level of health care control that is otherwise missing.

This document is available to view in PDF format.Listing of the IRMA Members’ Recommended Facilities

For further information on the Medical Management Network, reference your entity’s Medical Management Network Directory.

Medical Network Information Poster

 Medical Network Information Poster
 Medical Network Information Poster