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Mission Statement

"The mission of IRMA is to provide reliable protection against human and financial losses through a self-directed and proactive partnership which delivers high quality risk management services that are professionally managed for the benefit of Members at a cost that is competitively priced."

IRMA Mission Strategies

  • Evolving and dynamic, custom tailored coverage program to meet the unique and changing needs of the Members, that is funded by sound actuarial and financial principles.
  • Provide high quality training and education to reduce and prevent losses to the Members.
  • Continually challenge the Members and IRMA staff to search out programs and ideas to better manage our products and services.


  • Facilitate an environment of participation among Members and staff through an active committee system.
  • Foster team concepts to more effectively identify and meet members’ needs.
  • Regularly revisit organizational goals through strategic planning.
  • Participation and adherence to high organizational standards.
  • Leadership management that balances and respects the rights of individual Members and the organization as a whole.


  • Ensure that all services meet the needs of the membership through an organizational structure that fosters a two-way informational system.
  • Provide services that exceed the expectations of the Members.
  • Search for the best resources, regardless of where it may be discovered.
  • Establish recognized benchmarks to meet and exceed defined results.


  • Recruit quality, experienced, professional staff.
  • Encourage continuous professional development through academic and industry-specific educational offerings.
  • Ensure that members as well as staff continue to develop as risk managers, with the emphasis on management.
  • Encourage and maintain good ethical standards of conduct.
  • Train staff to know and understand the customers they serve.


  • Monitor competitiveness through comparative market analysis.
  • Budget analysis to maintain rate growth commensurate with comparative inflation.
  • Expand the vision of IRMA without losing sight of the efficiency of products and services.
  • Aggressively pursue all available markets to enhance our products and services at the best possible costs.
  • Evaluate market forces through relevant benchmarks to overcome competitive challenges through expanded knowledge and vision of the future.