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Legislative Mission

The IRMA intergovernmental risk pool was established for the purpose of insuring its members with reliable protection against human and financial losses and promoting quality risk management that is self-directed and professionally managed. In furtherance of IRMA’s mission, IRMA shall oppose legislation and regulation that would unreasonably broaden public entity liability and unfairly expose our customer – the public entities and their respective taxpayers. IRMA shall promote and work for the adoption of laws and regulations on all levels of government that encourage a balanced judicial/regulatory system among plaintiffs and defendants.
To this end, IRMA and its member public entities are committed to use their resources and considerable influence to affect the following issues and subject matter:
  1. To improve the Illinois tort immunity laws for all public entities in Illinois, and restore the original legislative goals and purposes.
  2. To promote reasonable changes to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation laws designed to provide fairness and equity for both the injured worker and public entity employer.
  3. To support and advocate the establishment of tort caps for non-economic damage judgments.
  4. To promote health/safety laws that are fair and reasonable and actively oppose regulations whose costs far outweigh any rational benefits derived, and result in undue financial burden to local public entities and ultimately – the taxpayer.
  5. To promote investment laws and regulation for public risk pooling cooperatives that will adhere to "prudent person" standards. The standard of prudence shall be applied in the context of judging and managing the overall portfolio results, rather than each type of individual security, in order to provide reasonable and sound diversification designed to balance the investments and accept reasonable investment risk.
  6. To cooperate with and support other organizations and associations that share the IRMA Mission Statement and strategies as set forth herein. 
  7. To educate the public of the costly consequences resulting from frivolous lawsuits, expensive litigation and unprecedented, exorbitant jury awards. Not only are these costs ultimately paid for in the form of higher prices for goods and services and taxes, but erode the confidence in our judicial system. 
  8. To intervene in reviewing courts’ deliberations vis-à-vis amicus briefs to bring to the attention of the reviewing court the position of public entities in Illinois, when it has been determined to be in the best interest of the Illinois public entities. 
  9. To take all other reasonable and necessary steps to foster and promote quality public risk management through intergovernmental pooling.