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About Us

The Value of IRMA

Money matters at IRMA and members benefit financially in myriad ways, among them:

  • A full spectrum of services to manage risk and prevent loss. 
  • As a result, members' claims frequency has been reduced during the past five years.
  • Surplus revenue is returned to members, not private owners or stockholders.
  • Since 1989, the pool has given back over $82M in interest income credits to members.
  • Administrative costs are 9%-11% versus an estimated 25% or more for commercial providers.
  • IRMA's pricing averages more than 30% less than the commercial market according to Towers and Perrin Insurance Market Study.
  • Members have access to grants, awards and valuable online services such as Police Law Institute courses and supervisor training through My Community Workplace.

Our Advantage is Your Advantage

Our risk sharing pool is "by the people, for the people." Professionally managed for the benefit of its members, IRMA is dedicated entirely to addressing the risk management needs of local governments like yours. As a group, spreading and sharing the cost of risk with other high performing local governments, IRMA members gain many valuable advantages such as:

  • Customized public entity coverage that exceeds the offerings of commercial carriers and is one of the most comprehensive programs available anywhere.
  • Long-term stability of pricing and membership. The IRMA contribution rate has increased an average of less than half a percent annually since 1995, and of the 92 public entities that have participated in IRMA since 1979, 69 remain members in 2014.
  • Flexible deductibles up to $250,000.
  • Exceptional in-house claims department that responds to members' needs beyond short term cost considerations, and is willing to defend rather than settle when warranted.
  • Litigation team comprised of experienced, proven trial attorneys specializing in municipal defense.
  • Extensive high quality risk management services including a comprehensive risk management program evaluation, consulting services, on-site inspections and training, and technical services along with expansive regional training offerings.

It is because of the participation and guidance of our members that IRMA continues to be one of the most distinguished public risk pools in our state and nation. With a delegate from each entity sitting on the Board of Directors, members have a direct voice in shaping the policies and procedures that help create success for all. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss further the many ways IRMA can assist you in building and sustaining public confidence in your entity, and encourage the progress that enables your town to thrive.